Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Need more features?

With a Notifybox subscription you get more power!

Multi-folder monitoring

You can now let Notifybox monitor as many Dropbox folders as you wish. Including sub-folders. Or let Notifybox monitor your whole Dropbox folder structure. 

Encryption and compression

Afraid of uploading sensitive documents to Dropbox? Now you can use Notifybox to convert your files to encrypted files (.notify) with password protection. Each file is protected with a 256-bit AES encryption. The files are also compressed to save your Dropbox storage space.

Support for non MS Office documents

If you have non MS Office files that Notifybox can’t detect the opening of, you can now check-out and check-in such files using encryption described above.




 Sign up for a Notifybox subscription!

To leverage the full potential of Notifybox without limitations you need to sign up for a monthly subscription. The subscription is based on how many computers you want to ‘Notifybox enable’. The first two weeks are free, so you can try out the subscription features!

Subscription plans

Please note that the same client software as the free version is used. You only need to enter a subscription identification key called the “Profile ID” into the Notifybox client. The ProfileID will be sent to the mail address that you register during the subscribe process.
If you would like to cancel your subscription – search your inbox for mail from PayPal. Each month you get payment information from PayPal – and there you will also find information how to un-subscribe.
If you have any questions regarding subscription and billing, send a mail to:



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